Many tour operators offer day or overnight trips by car or bus to Cairo…but beware! These usually involve departing around 3am and a tedious 6 hr drive each way. The route is across a monotonous desert landscape on a road not renowned for safety or the standard of driving.

It’s surprisingly cheap to fly to Cairo from Hurghada – provided you don’t leave booking to the last minute. Cairo is less than 60 minutes away by air and return flights with Egyptair can be secured for as little as 70GBP.

We have arranged a program to suit clients who wish to experience Egypt’s capital city in relative comfort.

You’ll take an early morning flight and be met by our driver at Cairo International Airport. He’ll take you to the Giza Plateau, site of the Pyramids and Sphinx, often getting there within 2 hrs of you’re leaving Hurghada! You can tour the pyramids site by horse, camel or buggy….or on foot.

It’s then back to the city to visit the Cairo Antiquities Museum with its incomparable collection of artifacts spanning five thousand years of civilization, the treasures of boy-king Tutankhamun and the mummies of many of Egypt’s legendary pharaohs.

You can take lunch by the Nile…or even on a boat cruising the Nile.

After lunch visit the Citadel of Saladin and the Alabaster Mosque built by Mohamed Ali – the founder of modern Egypt.

There are other interesting places to visit in Cairo and, depending on your return flight, you may have time to visit the Mamluk Tombs in the City of the Dead, Old Cairo, the Gayer-Anderson Museum and, of course, the famous bazaar of Khan El Khalili.

At the end of your day our driver will return you to Cairo Airport in time to catch your return flight to Hurghada.


Our Cairo Tour costs 100GBP per car and you should budget 50GBP per person for entrance fees, lunch etc. The whole day, including flights, would cost a couple around 300GBP.


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