A strip of green in the midst of yellow desert, cultivated fields and a background of ochre mountains are the setting for Luxor, once one of the greatest capitals of the ancient world. Straddling the world’s longest river, the Nile, no visit to Egypt is complete without a visit to this incomparable historic city with its vast temples – homes to the gods of the ancient Egyptians – and the beautifully painted tombs of the pharaohs and the elite.

It is impossible to do justice to this World Heritage site in a day but, with our experienced guides, we can give you a taste of the incredible history and sights . Our private escorted tours enable you to see not only the well-known attractions of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings but also lesser-known gems….and all at your own pace and in the comfort of air-conditioned transport.

Our tours are programmed individually to suit each client. We discuss with you your level of knowledge, areas of interest and level of fitness – there’s a lot of walking involved and Luxor can be very hot! After that…we’re off to Luxor. Leaving around 6am and expecting to get back around 7.30pm

What does it cost ?

For a couple, the day works out at about 125GBP per person. This includes all transport, guide & entrance tickets. For larger parties (we can take up to 8) the cost is even less per person :

Trip to Luxor cost per person
Trip to Luxor cost

All itineraries & costs are agreed in advance, with payment on the day (no cancellation fee)

East Bank

Karnak is a must-see. Reckoned to be the largest religious archeological site in the world, Karnak incorporates several temples the most important of which is the Temple of Amun, the principal deity of the ancient Egyptians. Here you see the vast pylons that dominate the entrance, the colossal statue of Ramesses the Great, the magnificent Hypostyle Hall and the towering obelisks…all wonders of the ancient world. At the side of the temple lies a sacred lake and many carved blocks, some reconstructed into their original shrine, forming an open air museum.

Luxor Temple, whilst much smaller than Karnak, is fascinating…the beautiful façade with its obelisk and twin seated statues of Ramesses II, the colonnade of Amenhotep III, the Sun Court and much more.

Luxor Museum is a relatively modern structure and houses many statues unearthed in archeological digs at Karnak as well as jewelery, other artifacts and the mummies of two pharaohs! It is well-lit and air-conditioned….offering a respite from the Luxor heat, especially during the summer.

West Bank

Everyone wants to see the Valley of the Kings. The tombs, dug into the walls of a remote valley, were to be the final resting place for the pharaohs of the New Kingdom – in beautifully decorated chambers, encased in massive sarcophagi and surrounded by fabulous treasure. Alas…the ancient tomb robbers have long since removed the treasure and the mummies are housed in the Cairo Museum…but the sepulchers themselves are awesome, with their depictions of Pharoahs’s journey through the underworld and his passage to immortality amongst the Gods.

The robbers missed one tomb….Tutankhamun…and you can still see his mummy, lying in its sarcophagus. The treasures have, of course, been removed to Cairo! However, there are some items in the Luxor Museum and work in underway constructing a replica tomb, with replicas of some of its contents, at a site near the entrance to the valley. Your entrance ticket to the valley entitles you to visit three tombs….a dozen or so are usually open at any one time.

Please note : an extra ticket (100LE) is required to visit the tomb of Tutankhamun.

On the West Bank lie many other temples and tombs….far too many to see in a 3 hours or so which is all the time you’ll have on a day trip. The major sites are listed below and our guide will help you decide which (probably two) would interest you most.

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