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Any regular visitor to Egypt will, at some point, wish to consider a trip to Luxor – site of the dramatic temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor and the tombs of the legendary pharaohs of the New Kingdom. In addition to countless historic sites, Luxor offers the visitor a beautiful vacation by the Nile with opportunities to relax in semi-tropical surroundings so different to the desert scenery of the Red Sea coast. From March to November the afternoons in Luxor can be unbearably hot making sightseeing after 1pm quite uncomfortable. For this reason we have designed a private two day program encompassing the best Luxor has to offer without straining our guests’ energy or budget.


The cost of the 2 day trip will depend on the hotel chosen

and the sights visited and after discussing your preferences with you we’ll arrive at a total cost.

For a couple (sharing a double room on a B & B basis in a 4 star hotel)

this would be approximately 200GBP per person (For more than 2 persons, reductions apply)


We set of from Hurghada around 7am reaching Luxor by 11am. A brief comfort stop can be made halfway. The journey is quite interesting – down the coast to Safaga, through the stark granite mountains of the Eastern Desert and on to Qena where we reach the Nile Valley. You will notice the dramatic change in scenery – from barren desert to lush fields of sugar cane and other crops, towering date palms and mud-brick villages. Here, rural life goes on as it has for centuries. The road from Qena to Luxor follows a canal and is lined with trees and multi-coloured bougainvillea

On reaching Luxor the first stop is Karnak Temple – constructed over 1500 years by successive pharaohs and centre of the cult of the god Amun-Ra. Karnak, a world heritage site, is the largest religious complex in the world and to help you appreciate it better we will, on the journey from Hurghada, explain the history of the temple and the stories of the famous pharaohs who added to it over the centuries.

After a couple of hours it’s getting hot and time to check into your hotel. We can arrange accommodation in any Luxor hotel but recommend a Nile-side central location. From 1pm to 4pm you’ll probably wish to chill out in the gardens and pool of your hotel and perhaps read up on the historic tombs and other monuments of the West bank which you’ll be visiting tomorrow

For those more tolerant of the heat, horse drawn buggies will take you on a tour of the town. There is also Luxor Temple to visit – smaller than Karnak but still dramatic. As the sun begins to sink over the Nile you could take a felucca (or motor launch if no wind!) and view a spectacular sunset.

After sunset we recommend returning to Karnak Temple, now in darkness, to experience the famous Sound and Light Show.

Dinner afterwards can be taken at a Nile-side restaurant or at your hotel. Many hotels put on evening shows of folkloric dancing etc.


Up early, breakfast and checkout around 7am. You’ll soon see why we like to start so early!

A 30 minute drive takes us to the Nile Bridge and over to the West Bank, the Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon and many other fascinating ruins.

We’ll go to the Valley of the Kings first, hoping to beat the tour bus rush and rapidly rising temperature. There you’ll visit three (more if you wish!) tombs cut deep into the limestone cliffs and carved and painted extravagantly for their long-dead occupants.

The mummies of the pharaohs and such treasures as were not looted in ancient times are now housed in the Cairo Museum but the tombs themselves are still fascinating. Only the tomb of Tutankhamun still contains the mummy of the boy-pharaoh but the fabulous treasures unearthed by Howard Carter reside in Cairo.

From the Valley of the Kings we take a short drive to the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, Egypt’s legendary queen who dared to defy convention by raising herself, a mere woman, to the rank of god-pharaoh.

By now it’s getting uncomfortably hot but for those keen to see more, despite the heat, there’s the Ramesseum, mortuary temple of the illustrious Ramesses the Great; Medinet Habu, temple of his successor Ramesses III; the Valley of the Queens, tombs of the Nobles and many, many other sites of historic interest.

As we return to Luxor we’ll pass the gigantic quartzite statues of pharaoh Amenhotep III – the Colossi of Memnon – standing mysteriously alone in the fields beside the foundations of his long-vanished palace.

There’s still time to visit Luxor Museum (quite modern and containing some interesting artifacts) and the Museum of Mummification before we head home as the sun sinks in the West.

If you wish to stay longer in Luxor, perhaps to visit nearby historic monuments at Dendera, Abydos and Edfu, this can be arranged. It’s also possible to take an early-morning hot-air balloon ride over the West Bank!


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